Cellular WIFI6, 2G, 3G, LTE, 5G Fixed Bracket Wall Mounted Combination Antenna


●combo antenna

●Exquisite appearance

● Full day working

● Optimized dimension

● High gain, low standing wave, strong anti-interference ability

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Omnidirectional combo antenna for signal enhancement in mobile networks and GNSS. It is specially designed according to ECE-R 118 combustion behavior and can be used in the interior structure of motor vehicles. The antenna combines two LTE antennas with several different frequency antennas in one housing, so it supports MIMO LTE and WIFI6, WIFI6, etc. They are linear, The antenna is RoHS, RECh and ECE-R 118 compliant, IP69K rated (installed), supports a temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in harsh environments. The antenna can be permanently mounted with screws and the 2 3 m LMR200 cables included allow for flexible positioning

                                                                                                                         MHZ-TD- A100-0138

Electrical Specifications

Frequency range(MHz)







Input Impedance(Ω)



linear Vertical

Maximum input power(W)




Input connector type                                                                   SMA male or user specified

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions (mm)


Antenna weight(kg)


Operating temperature(°c)


Antenna Color


Mounting way

pair lock


R & D Capabilities

xqinga (1)

CMW500 Comprehensive Tester

xqinga (2)

E8573es Network Analyzer

xqinga (3)

8960 Comprehensive Tester

xqinga (4)

anechoic chamber

xqinga (5)

3D pattern stereo analysis

xqinga (6)

3D Orientation Plane Analysis

Specific test items

● Passive testing: 0.6-6GHz( field pattern   Gain   Efficiency  )

● Active test: TRP TIS   GSM   WIFI-6     TD-CDMA   LTE  5G

● Test instrument: CWM500   Agilent 8960   Ahilent 8753ES

MHZ.TD Advatage

1: Self-developed

Perfect test conditions.

More than ten years of antenna design experience.

HFSS antenna simulation capability.

Product structure design ability.

Wireless RF board analysis capabilities.

2: Quality assurance

The company has a complete antenna test system, professional performance forward-looking design analysis software, standard ISO management system, and an experienced manufacturing management team. Our product consistency and product quality are strongly guaranteed.

3: Discount price

Design, production and sales customized integrated business model. Eliminate the cost of multi-channel sales of agents, and the manufacturing design factory directly faces end customers

4: Fast delivery

Comprehensive supply chain resource integration,.

Reasonable production scheduling, high-balance production wiring.

70% automation coverage.

everything is urgent for you.

5: After-sales service

Customer first.

Accomplishing customers is the way to grow,.

listen carefully to customer feedback, implement services practically, provide customers with professional and patient solutions, and meet customer needs with quality and quantity.

6: Factory direct sales

Perfect production workshop.

70% automation equipment, reasonable production line layout

a total of 10 line bodies, and the production capacity of a single production line can reach 20,000 / day

Application Field

appli (4)

Wireless  Lan

appli (3)

Smart video

appli (2)

Internet of Vehicles

appli (1)

wireless coverage

appli (8)

Wireless meter reading

appli (7)

Security monitor

appli (5)


appli (6)

Smart TV

Cooperation Process

1. consult

2. Specification confirmation

3. Quote

4. Send Sample

5. Customer Test

6. Test OK

7. Place An Order

8. Payment

9. Ship

10. After-Sales Service

Customer Insteuctions

Q1: About delivery

1. After our company receives the order, the customer needs to pay the payment, reply the production cycle and arrange the delivery.
2. The courier company can arrange for a third-party door-to-door pickup by the customer or our company can deliver the goods through a third-party overseas logistics.

Q2: Regarding Payment

T / T.

Q3: Tax stamp description

1. 13% tax point is required to issue a VAT invoice.
2. Before issuing an invoice, please provide the confirmed invoicing information to the customer service.

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