Antenna Tv Indoor

About the TV antenna everyone is familiar with, remember the old black and white TV, is its own antenna and then developed to the outdoor pole TV antenna. But so far, the TV antenna technology and further mature, now the antenna can greatly meet our needs in life, many friends in the market to buy antenna, back home will not scientific installation. I don’t know how the antenna works, I don’t know where to install it. Today, I will introduce you to the installation of TV antenna to do a detailed explanation, I hope to help you.

1. Working principle and function of antenna

As an indispensable part of wireless communication, the basic function of antenna is to radiate and receive radio waves. When transmitting, the high-frequency current is converted into electromagnetic wave; When receiving, the electrical shock wave is converted into a high frequency current.


Two, antenna kind

There are a wide variety of antennas, and they can be divided into the following categories: base station Antennas and mobile portable antennas can be divided into ultra-long wave, long wave, medium wave, short wave, ultra-short wave, and Microwave Antennas for their use; According to its direction, it can be divide intoomnidirectional and directional antennas.


Three, how to choose the antenna

Antenna is an important part of communication system, its performance directly affects the index of communication system, users must pay attention to its performance when choosing antenna. Specifically, there are two aspects, the first choice antenna type; The electrical performance of the second choice antenna. The significance of selecting the antenna type is: whether the orientation pattern of the selected antenna conforms to the requirement of radio wave coverage in the system design; The requirements for selecting the electrical performance of the antenna are as follows: Select whether the electrical specifications of the antenna, such as frequency bandwidth, gain, and rated power, meet the system design requirements. Therefore, the user had better contact the manufacturer when choosing the antenna.


Four, antenna gain

Gain is one of the main indexes of antenna. It is the product of direction coefficient and efficiency, and it is the expression of the radiation or received wave size of antenna. The choice of gain size depends on the requirements of the system design for the radio wave coverage area. Simply put, under the same conditions, the higher the gain, the farther the propagation distance of the radio wave. Generally, the antenna of the base station adopts the high-gain antenna, and the antenna of the mobile station adopts the low-gain antenna.

Post time: Apr-27-2023