What are the classifications of outdoor base station antennas?

1. Omnidirectional base station

The omnidirectional base station antenna is mainly used for 360-degree wide coverage, mainly used for sparse rural wireless scenarios

2. Directional base station antenna

Directional base station antenna is currently the most widely used fully enclosed base station antenna. According to the different ways of inclination angle adjustment, it can be divided into fixed inclination antenna, electric adjustment antenna, and three-sector cluster antenna.

3. ESC base station antenna

ESC antenna refers to changing the phase difference of different radiating elements in the array through the phase-shifting unit, thereby generating different radiation main lobe downtilt states. Generally, the downtilt state of an electronically modulated antenna is only within a certain adjustable angle range. There are manual adjustment and RCU electric adjustment for ESC downward adjustment.

4. Smart Antenna

Using dual-polarized radiation units to form a directional or omnidirectional array, an antenna array that can scan beams in 360 degrees or a specific direction; the smart antenna can determine the spatial information of the signal (such as the direction of propagation) and track and locate the signal source. Smart algorithms, and based on this information, antenna arrays that perform spatial filtering.

5. Multimode Antenna

The main difference between multi-mode base station antenna products and ordinary base station antennas is that more than two antennas of different frequency bands are integrated in a limited space. Therefore, the focus of this product is to eliminate the mutual influence between different frequency bands (decoupling effect, isolation degrees, near-field interference)

6. Multi-beam antenna

A multi-beam antenna is an antenna that produces multiple sharp beams. These sharp beams (called metabeams) can be combined into one or several shaped beams to cover a specific airspace. There are three basic types of multi-beam antennas: lens type, reflector type and phased array type.

Ⅲ. Active Antenna

The passive antenna is combined with the active device to form an integrated receiving antenna.


There are many types and models of mobile communication antenna products. According to different application scenarios, they can be roughly divided into indoor distributed antenna products, outdoor base station antenna products, and beautifying antenna products.

1. Ceiling antenna

Ceiling antennas are generally used in indoor wireless coverage scenarios. According to their different radiation forms, they can be divided into directional ceiling antennas and omnidirectional ceiling antennas. Omnidirectional ceiling antennas can be divided into single-polarized ceiling antennas and dual-polarized ceiling antennas. Two tops.

2. Wall Mount Antenna

Indoor wall-mounted antennas are typical small plate antenna products, mainly used in indoor wireless coverage scenarios. According to different polarization methods, they can be divided into single-polarized wall-mounted and dual-polarized wall-mounted antennas.

3. Yagi Antenna

Yagi antenna is mainly used for link transmission and repeater, the cost is relatively low, and the reflection ratio in the front and rear of the two-dimensional plane is relatively good.

4. Log periodic antenna

The log-periodic antenna is similar to the Yagi antenna. It is a multi-element bidirectional antenna with broadband coverage and is mainly used for link relay.

5. Parabolic Antenna

The parabolic antenna is a high-gain bidirectional antenna consisting of a parabolic reflector and a center feed antenna

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Post time: Aug-09-2022