sma male to sma female cable RG178 Rf Cable Assemblies


● sma male to sma female  connectors
● Brass contact material for effective conducting
● Insulating PTFE sheath
● RG-178 gauge (thickness) rating
● Minimum operating temperature of -40°C without cracking
● Maximum operating temperature of +80°C without melting
● Length of 100mm
● Impedance of 50 Ω
● Voltage rating of 500 V
● Terminated for easy connectivity
●Complies with EU Directives 2011/65/EU and 2015/863 on restricted substances
● Conforms to the US standard MIL-STD-348A on the dimensional requirements for radio frequency connector interfaces

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Product Detail

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Tested to ensure that there is no open or short circuit
All SMA cable assemblies have a 50 ohm impedance
The maximum frequency varies with connector/cable selection
The MHZ-TD RF offers a comprehensive selection of in-series and inter-series SMA cable assemblies. A series SMA cable assembly has SMA connectors ending on both sides of a section of cable.

The interseries SMA cable assembly has one SMA connector end to one side of a cable and another connector series end to the other side.

Popular RF connector options include right Angle and right Angle plugs and jacks. Sockets can be with or without panel mounting options. Rear and front partition configurations are available.

Connectors are made of brass or stainless steel and have a gold plated or passivated body. Interseries SMA cable assembly configuration includes SMA to AMC, AMC4, BNC, MCX, MMCX, N type, RF probe SMP connector options.

SMA cable assemblies are available in a variety of cable types, including flexible RG cables, low loss cables, and semi-rigid options that can be molded by hand.
MHZ-TD is an experienced manufacturer of RF products. Especially in the antenna, RF coaxial cable assembly,

RF connector range. Our goal is to provide innovative technologies and solutions to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving wireless industry to meet the needs of 5G, 4G (LTE), 3G, 2G, WiFi, ISM, Internet of Things solutions

, Iridium communications, GPS/GLONASS/ Beidou frequencies and more.

It focuses on telecommunications, security, automotive, healthcare, Internet of Things and other markets. We provide customized solutions according to customer requirements.

Through our in-house design, R&D and manufacturing, the team is always ready to develop high quality products for our customers.

By providing high quality products and exceptional customer service to our customers and clients, we focus on all of our customers and provide them with exactly the same quality service and consideration.


Electrical Specifications

 Frequency range(MHz)


Conduction impedance(Ω)






(Insulation resistance)


 Maximum input power(W)


Lightning protection

 DC Ground

Input connector type

Sma Female Connector

Mechanical Specifications

 Dimensions (mm)


 Antenna weight(kg)


 Operating temperature(°c)


 Working humidity


 Cable color


Mounting way
                                                             pair lock

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